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It's never too late to learn how to swim. Our aim is to help you develop swimming technique in the water, and learn vital survival skills not just for the pool but for rivers, lakes and the ocean.

  • Beginner classes develop water confidence through buoyancy and mobility. We'll gradually introduce steps to swimming.
  • Intermediate and advanced classes focus on stroke refinement and correction.

Our teachers are AUSTSWIM accredited, and provide a safe, social and encouraging learning environment.

You'll learn to:

  • Develop and refine swimming strokes
  • Cooperate with and respect others in an aquatic environment
  • Make safe and sensible decisions and solve problems in and around water.

Swimming lesson students receive a membership card and have unlimited access to the Diamond Creek Outdoor Pool. 

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Our swimming teachers

All of our teachers hold nationally accredited swimming teacher and water safety certificates and hold current CPR and first aid certificates.

Program levels

Our teachers will assess your abilities to get you started in the right program level and continue to assess your skills in class to help you progress you through the program levels.

Level Description
Class size: 6
Duration: 1 hour
For adults with very little water experience
Focuses on building confidence in the water
Buoyancy and flotation techniques
Introduction to strokes
Deliberate movement towards a target 
Confident submersions
Class size: 6
Duration: 1 hour
For adults with some water experience
Starting to swim confidently
Stroke refinement
Freestyle and backstroke to 12 metres
Class size: 6
Duration: 1 hour
For adults with water experience who want to improve their stroke technique
Stroke refinement and correction: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke 
Focuses on improving swimming distance

Requirements for this program

  • Bring bathers, towel, goggles (recommended, but not required) and dry clothes
  • Photos are allowed in the pool (never in the change room area) if you respect others' privacy and get their consent

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